Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why this?

Tomorrow is a big day.  I'm on a mission to get my strength back.

This all started when my husband decided to do a presentation on my illness for his medical school class. In reading up on the most recent scientific articles on POTS he found this beauty. After 3 months, 53% of the POTS patients who underwent this exercise therapy no longer met the clinical criteria for POTS. That is, the change in heart rate from sitting to standing did not increase more than 30 beats per minute for the 53%.


Every. Single. Person. Who completed this study reported an increase in quality of life. It didn't matter how severe or mild the POTS.

The last 11 months, my body has pooped out on me. I felt like I was in a video game where my character had the wimpiest energy bar and got left behind.  I'd rather not live the rest of my life like that. If doing a graduated exercise regimen means I will feel better, then I'll do it.

So here's the deal:
MWF  recumbant bike for 30 minutes.  Start slow and with little resistance.
T/TH leg strengthening with wieghts for 30 minutes.
S/S I can relax

I'll fill you in on how things go tomorrow. In the meantime, here's some pump up music. I wanna be able to rock out at a concert again.

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  1. Marilyn! Kick POTS' butt! I'm kinda wondering if my attempts at exercise have backfired because I always want to start at what I could do before and then it burns me out and I feel worse after and then I never want to exercise (or move or think or shower or walk up the stairs) again. I'm down with 30 minutes of nice and slow. I'll totally give this a shot with you! DOWN WITH POTS! XO