Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Famous POTS person goes back to work

The majority of POTsies are women. But I don't want to leave the men out! 

My husband told me some big news yesterday. The Yellow Wiggle is returning! I realize you may think I'm a little off my rocker for being so excited, but I it's big news for the POTS world.

When I was getting tested at Vanderbilt one of my nurses told me about the yellow wiggle who had to step down a few years ago due to POTS. I was like "the yellow what?!" My nurse, a grown man in his 30s, responded with a straight face, "you know, the yellow wiggle, preschool kids love them. They put on concerts all over the world and they are millionaires"


Well the original yellow wiggle is well enough that he can take his place again as the energetic, singing, money earning wiggle. I love how in the article says int he side bar about dysautonomia that "most sufferers have hereditary illnesses as a contributing factor. " Disagree. We actually don't know what causes the majority of POTS cases.

Exercise update:
Tuesday is leg strengthening.

+1 Now lifting 3 weights for quads and calf exercises. I was feeling ambitious today and I could do all 5 sets!

+0 Hammies - still don't have the pin in at all! But at least I could lift the bar for 5 sets. Unlike Thursday.

Today I simply have a splitting headache post exercises. Thanks POTS! We shall do this again tomorrow!

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