Monday, February 13, 2012

Allow yourself to be a beginner

In dental school, I took an elective titled "What's possible in dentistry". I figured we would be talking about all the lastest gadgets and technologies. It was actually taught by a hippy dentist who wore Birkenstocks with a toe ring.  Sometimes we rang a gong and dedicated the class to an ancestor or progenitor.  It was very zen despite its misleading title. Well, one of the session titles I found extremely valuable developing strength in any aspect of your life.

"Allow yourself to be a beginner"

As a newly graduating dentist he emphasized allowing yourself to be imperfect and a beginner at working with an assistant, getting used to the flow of a practice, or even learning where all your materials are. Change becomes much less stressful because you can give yourself a break when you don't hit perfection immediately. After all you are a beginner at this. He also suggested that when you declare yourself a beginner in an appropriate way others are much more willing to help you.

I'm a beginner at exercising with POTS. My body is weakened right now and I don't expect strength immediately.  I've never exercised with this illness before. I'm a beginner with figuring out what schedule works for me, working out on recumbent bike, and trying to keep an exercise schedule with POTS. This doesn't make me a failure, it just makes me a beginner.

Note: Isn't that seriously of cheesy? Most definitely.  Do I care? Nope. Why not? Because I feel better about myself when I change my thinking. Deal with it.

Exercise update
Monday - 30 minutes on recumbent bike
What you don't see is the resistence level of 1. Buya!
Lowest resistance possible. I pedaled a bit faster when I shot this. I was hovering around 44 rpm only because if I pedaled any slower the time paused. But I did it! Better yet, I feel like I could do it again.

Did I mention I'm on my last pair of clean socks? I'm a beginner at this!


  1. After leaving clinic this afternoon, feeling like a complete failure, I really needed to read this post! So, thank you for that! Also, almost three miles on your first day! Good job! I'm really digging the socks as well! lol

    -Leslie Bodie :)

  2. I will never forget that class. I didn't go out and buy a toe ring, but I do still think about being a beginner! Keep on movin' Marilyn!