Friday, February 24, 2012

The Human Barometer

Occasionally I'll hear "Umbrellas! Umbrellas!" outside my apartment. A very enterprising guy watches the weather closely and takes advantage of peoples' unprepared-ness. It's just part of the charm of where I live. But since I got POTS, the Umbrellas! Umbrellas! is a friendly reminder why I may not feel so awesome.

You see I am now a human barometer! Mwha-ahhahah! Sometimes I forget that weather changes bring on more POTSie-ness.

Sure enough, today, I'm building an amazing Sim City when I realize I feel dizzy and lightheaded and I'm super tired. I don't get it. I feel worse than usual and  did everything I'm supposed to.

"Umbrellas! Umbrellas!"

Oh yeah. I forgot. I'm a human barometer.

Exercise Update:
30 minutes on the bike. I had to drop down from the lofty Level 2 resistance back down to my original Level 1 at around 15 minutes. Human Barometer-ness turned my legs to jello. I'm pedaling along thinking "Wow! This is really difficult, this may be the first day I won't make it 30 minutes." And then I thought "By golly I could make it if I take it down a notch." So I did. And I made it to 30.

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