Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spanx - ing POTS

Warning: Despite drinking lots of water, taking my drugs, salt tabs, compression stockings and exercising today...head is full of POTS fuzziness. Proceed with caution.

At some point I'll do a post about POTS. But frankly I don't feel like it right now. Just take my word that smart researchers and doctors recommend POTS people wear compression stockings. Problem: compression stockings are expensive and mostly marketed to old people with heart failure whose legs swell up.  And they can be a pain to put on. And they can be really uncomfortable.
My cheap Spanx from Zulily

Enter Spanx. Some of them have cute patterns. They are breathable.  And they fit the bill for compression stockings. They are also on 50% at Zulily for the next week or so.  I bought all my Spanx of Zulily a few months ago. There's no way I would've been able to afford so many otherwise.

(Full disclosure: If you use the link above I get $15 in Zulily credit. I'll probably use it to buy  more Spanx. If you don't want me to get $15 credit, just google Zulily.)

Exercise Update:
Yeah, yeah.  I did it. Thursday is weight lifting.  My hamies where still sore from Tuesday so I warmed up with 4 minutes on the recumbent bike.

I can now say I lifted weights, since we moved the pin up. That's right folks, 2 weights!
Watch your back Chuck Norris...

Quads and calves weren't sore, so I figure it was time to up my game.

Hamies, now that's another story. They are still sore from Tuesday's lift. Despite hearing Angels and Airwaves sing "I will not surrender" in my ear...well...I surrendered.  2 sets instead of 5. That was all I could do. I imagine in 4 days when I lift again, the hamies won't surrender.


  1. hey there, marilyn,

    i just happened upon your blog & couldn't help but be drawn in by your reference to POTS, b/c i was diagnosed w/ it a year & a half ago. (funny, when i first saw the title, i was excited. but then told myself there's no way this will be about POTS -- it's probably a silly story about somebody in the kitchen.) ;)

    and can i ever echo your sentiments in your profile about learning important truths about life since developing a chronic illness. for me, it's been evident (although, painfully) that that's been the whole point of my health journey.

    anyway, i've been very fortunate to have come a LONG way since my body totally crashed that fall. (went from totally incapacitated in bed for months on end, to now having been able to wean off of my sexy stockings, some meds, etc.). but i don't need to tell you that it's been a long, greuling process requiring patience like only you can appreciate.

    i sincerely wish you well in your health journey. and if you ever need an empathetic ear, feel free to stop by!! actually, i'd love to have you join me regardless -- you're the first person i've ever seen to blog about POTS, and there's just something about connecting with somebody who understands.

    blessings to you,

  2. I spent nearly $100 on my first pair of compression stockings, come to find out a few days later, that had my doctor written me a prescription for them, I could have gotten them free of charge! So, now I have a second pair that were fully covered by my insurance. I will admit, that I rarely wear them just because of how much of a pain they are to get on. But I do find them to be helpful when I know lots of standing is going to be involved. These are my favorite! Open toe Juzo Soft compression stockings. They even come in pretty colors!