Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day weight lifting

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program so that Marilyn can gush about her husband. Happy valentine's day.

-He likes to cook chocolate chip cookies with me.
-He noticed the symptoms relevant to my final diagnosis that were ignored. And pushed my doctors to investigate further. (ie isn't it strange to have vertigo with a resting heart rate of 105?)
-He's into economics.
-He chose POTS as a medical school presentation topic to doctors who probably see POTS but don't know enough about it to diagnose it. And he invites me to come.
-He made a POTS recovery plan backed up by the most recent journal articles. And he takes time each night to talk out what's working, what isn't, and what we can do about it.
-He speaks French, young children adore him, he has 5% body fat, and he's hot. Oh, and I don't think he even realizes he has an unofficial fan club. Everyone asks about him and followed by the the mantra "oh we love Mike!"

It's powerful what someone in my corner can do to help me develop strength. Love you blue eyes.

End gush. On to our regularly scheduled program.

Exercise Update:

I had an terribly difficult time of getting my exhausted body to the gym. It really helped that I've told a bunch of people what I'm doing.  Score 1 point for the psychological push I set for myself! I have some accountability and I'm gonna see this through.

In other news. I lifted weights! Or perhaps I lifted a weight. I still have a lot left to go.

Huzzah! I did 5 set of 12 reps for quads and calves.

When it came to hamstrings, it was more like 5 sets of 6 or maybe as 10. HA! Whew, that was unbelievable! I could only do a rep after I took out the pin. I was like Westley trying to fight Fezzik in the Princess Bride. Except instead of trying to lift a hulking giant, I'm lying on a bench with my ankles under some bar on the lowest weight setting. It was only after I took the pin out and lifted only the bar that I could muscle my legs up. Do we think I will feel this tomorrow. I think yes.

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