Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Women's boxing at Summer Olympics and internal exercise monologue

I don't know how I stumble upon these things.  I got a kick out of reading up on the 2012 Olympics hopefuls for women's boxing. This is the first year women will be boxing for Olympic titles. They have a weight category call "Flyweights." What's so awesome about it is these women are my size! Perhaps I shall take up boxing when I get my strength back. I'm a flyweight! ha-hah! Rock on ladies.

Exercise Update

The first day I exercised as seen below, I did not push myself much. Why? Every time I started to go a little faster, my body started thumping against the seat because my heartbeat was so intense. Don't be hatin, It's a POTS thing. Today, no heartbeat knocking on the exercise seat effect. I was all, "woohoo!" So I went faster! Until, I began to get lightheaded.  That means my heart was probably going too fast that it was no longer efficiently getting blood to my brain.  And then I was all, "Well played POTS, well played." So I slowed down.

And then I thought, "Well maybe I was just being a wuss and it wasn't that bad." So I went faster again!  But alas that blasted feeling of my head turning into a hot air balloon appeared again. So today turned into finding that border where I was still pedaling fast enough to be breathing heavier, but slow enough that I didn't get lightheaded.

2 days ago

Is it just me or does the calories burned seem to have no correlation with the distance? I mean, I added another "mile" and the calories burned only increased by 10.  I'm not sure how to measure how much improvement and energy I put into my workout.

PS The hams were DEFINITELY feeling it from yesterday. Yeehah!

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  1. You inspire me. I have been trying to exercise for a Biggest Looser competition that my work is doing. If you can do it I can do it. I am going on a run right now. Wish me luck!