Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ya, mon. Exercising is great, mon.

Did you know you can use a recumbant bike and do leg exercises in paradise? Me niether.

Working out in Jamaica is great when that's the only thing you have to do each day.

I will say POTS changed the way I vacation for now. I would've loved to go to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. I will climb that mountain one day. Just not right now.

A. I don't have the energy.
B. Don't have the money.

Caribbean all inclusives where all I have to do is show up for meals and sit on the beach is a POTS vaca I can handle.

So how did I get my husband and I out to Jamaica?!  We did the travel all on points and miles. Thank you to daily reading on Frugal Tavel guy, the points guy, mommy points, and million mile secrets. I've got more time on my hands since I'm not working. Might as well put it to use banking up miles for travel, eh?

Exercise update:
Haven't missed a single day.

Today I recumbent biked it. I broke a new record with resistance at 5. 5?!?! At like 70 ish rpms consistently. When I started I could barely do a resistance of 1 without have to take a break!

Way to go body.

Note: I'm pleased I've been able to keep up the exercise, however at this point I haven't seen an improvement in my POTS symptoms. Doesn't mean it won't happen. Just haven't seen it yet after 6 weeks.

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